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About us Vet Up for the Excellence in Vocational Education in Europe is an Erasmus + project led and managed by IDEA from Alzira, Spain. Our main objective is to raise awareness at grass root level and increase transnational cooperation and implementation of European Policies in matters of Vocational Education. We thrive to strengthen the cooperation […]

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About the project

The project aims to enhance the opportunity offered by VET to meet the economic and social needs of today’s society, as well as the needs of the future, through the creation of a partnership that brings together networks of VET providers, a VET university and a VET research institute.Each of these actors plays a different […]



Co funded by the ERASMUS + Programme of the European Union

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VET training in Alzira, Spain

The City Council of Alzira, through its Local Development Agency IDEA, has positively contributed to the increasing problem of unemployment by organizing different courses and workshops for people looking to be introduced in the labour market. One of these programs is «Viaje a la Empleabilidad», program which started in 2019 and will finalise in 2021. […]


Report of European Vocational Skills Week 2020

A brief summary of the European Commission’s Event by the City Council of Alzira


1st Study Visit in the Valencia Region

The study visit in Alzira, Spain, took place as expected between the 2nd and 7th of March 2020. A total of 24 professional training providers travelled to Alzira (Spain) with the purpose to promote, disseminate and support the implementation of the VET political agenda at national and EU level and to exchange knowledge, impressions and […]